With everything going on in the world right now, it’s imperative that we stay healthy in the ways we can in mind, body and spirit. As animal lovers, we have a passion and desire to improve the wellbeing of the magnificent creatures that share our hearts and home, too.

I have created the Companion Animal Meditation Series bundle to help bring both human and animals together, to uplift the individual and collective consciousness, and to tap into and enhance the sacred bonds we share with our companion animals.

Meditation has proven, profound benefits. Some of these include:

• boosted immunity
• reduced stress, depression and anxiety
• improved confidence and relationships
• increased focus and creativity
• pain relief
• improved memory, production and compassion
• greater overall health and well-being

The list goes on. And on. And on.

So, how do animals tie in?

Animals are the key that opens the door to true, unconditional and divine love. They are pure source energy. And a reflection and reminder to us of our very own nature. They have a special way of encouraging us to let our guards down and share openly from the heart.

When we are happy and calm, so are our animals. They are energetic sponges, picking up on whatever we are putting out there and absorbing it. So, while meditation has a long list of benefits for us, this practice (and especially the ones we are going to be practicing with our animals by our side) also affects them in a very positive way; their mood, their health and their wellbeing.

The Companion Animal Meditation Series bundle includes:

*Scroll down for brief descriptions of each meditation

• Physical Senses Introduction & Meditation (MP3)
• Gratitude Meditation (MP3)
• Extend Love and Light Meditation (MP3)
• Focused Healing & Chakra Balancing Meditation (MP3)
• Sending Love and Healing to Abused, Neglected animals (MP3)
• Animal & Human Chakra Handout (PDF)
• Essential Oils for Animals "Cheat Sheet" Reference Guide (PDF)
• A Guide to Your Chakras (PDF EGuide)
• "Meditation Myths Busted" for Beginners (PDF)

The Companion Animal Meditation Series bundle is for you if:

• You are new to meditation and would like to begin a simple, gentle and guided practice.
• You want to include your beloved animals in your health and healing journey.
• You are a seasoned meditator and would like to try something new.
• You have great love for your animals and want to help them to relax and heal, too.
• You wish to energetically reach and help heal the animals of the world that are not as fortunate to have a safe, loving home.
• You want to relieve stress and anxiety in a natural way, with no negative side effects.
• You want to feel grounded during uncertain or challenging times.

By utilizing the powerful practice of meditation, this series will help ground you into the present moment, shedding stress and inducing a deep state of relaxation. What’s more, by using the time you have home with your animal(s) in this new unique way, you’ll be sharing peace, love and relaxation with them. This practice is mutually beneficial; a win-win.

The goal is to shift you out of the mind - out of fear, worry and stress - and into relaxation, comfort and a deep sense of peace and stillness while building on your bond with your animal companions.

Explore your beloved companion in a whole new way!

(5 Minute Introduction, 15 Minute Meditation)

By utilizing the powerful practice of our physical senses, this meditation will help ground you into the present moment, shedding stress and inducing a deep state of relaxation. By using the time you have home with your animal(s) in this new unique way, you’ll be sharing peace, love, affection and relaxation with them. Win-win.


Tap into a healthier and happier you, with a little help from your fur-riends!

(15 Minutes)

Take a sacred journey through gratitude to help cultivate an open heart and a feeling of appreciation for all that is good in your life, including your beloved animal companions. During challenges or hard times, it can be difficult to foster a sense of gratitude, but it doesn’t take much to feel joy and love towards our beloved companions. Through our love for them, and their love for us, we can let our guards down and shift into a healthier state of being, replacing suffering with good feelings.

Yes, animals have chakras, too!

(25 Minutes)

Utilizing reiki healing and chakra balancing, you will energetically send loving, healing energy to your animal(s). With a focus on the chakras, and realigning your animals’ energy centers, you will also have an opportunity to send reiki healing energy to any specific parts of your animal(s) that may need some extra TLC.


Extend love and compassion to those
most in need.

(15 Minutes)

Another updated classic, you will have the opportunity to send love, compassion, and healing to neglected or abused animals all over the world. Sadly, not every animal is as lucky as yours, and we can’t take every animal home (though I know we wish we could sometimes). But even though we may not be able to physically save them all, remember, everything is energy and yours matters. Uplift the collective consciousness, one breath at a time, reaching those most in need and bask in the warm-fuzzies you are emanating out.


A unique spin on the popular
“Loving Kindness Meditation”

(12 Minutes)

Shift your state of being instantly into one of pure and unconditional love! An updated classic, this practice will send love, kindness and compassion to your beloved companion animal(s). This one’s all about vibin’ high and extending those good vibes to your fur-riends.


Human & Animal Chakras

A guide to the general location of your 7 basic chakras or energy centers and those of your most common animal companions including the horse, dog, cat, fish, guinea pig, reptile, bird, rabbit and rat or hamster.


Essential Oils for Animals
"Cheat Sheet" Reference Guide

Featuring Young Living's most popular oils and those usually found in the Starter Kits, this handy guide lists common uses and healing properties so you can quickly find an oil you need!


A Guide to Your Chakras

A basic guide that dives into each of your 7 main Chakras, or energy centers, including a brief description, complimentary essential oils and crystals, affirmations and suggestions on how to heal and balance each chakra.

"Meditation Myths Busted" for Beginners

Some of the most common questions answered and misconceptions explained. This guide also explains meditation briefly and its benefits. A great beginner guide for anyone wanting to learn more or start a practice!


Your one-time payment of only $14.99 grants you access to all of the files in the Companion Animal Meditation Series bundle. After your purchase is complete, you will be emailed a link where you can open all of the files, or download them to your device for lifetime access and enjoyment.