With everything going on in the world right now, it’s imperative that we stay healthy in the ways we can in mind, body and spirit. As animal lovers, we have a passion and desire to improve the wellbeing of the magnificent creatures that share our hearts and home, too.

I have been guided to create this meditation and its corresponding series to help bring both human and animals together, to uplift the individual and collective consciousness, and to tap into and enhance the sacred bonds we share with our companion animals.

By utilizing the powerful practice of our physical senses, this meditation will help ground you into the present moment, shedding stress and inducing a deep state of relaxation. What’s more, by using the time you have home with your animal(s) in this new unique way, you’ll be sharing peace, love and relaxation with them. This practice is mutually beneficial; a win-win.

The goal is to shift you out of the mind - out of fear, worry and stress - and into relaxation, comfort and a deep sense of peace and stillness while building on your bond with your animal companions.

Enjoy the journey.


Meditation has proven, profound benefits. Some of these include:

• boosted immunity
• reduced stress, depression and anxiety
• improved confidence and relationships
• increased focus and creativity
• pain relief
• improved memory, production and compassion
• greater overall health and well-being

The list goes on. And on. And on.

So, how do animals tie in?

Animals are the key that opens the door to true, unconditional and divine love. They are pure source energy. And a reflection and reminder to us of our very own nature. They have a special way of encouraging us to let our guards down and share openly from the heart.

When we are happy and calm, so are our animals. They are energetic sponges, picking up on whatever we are putting out there and absorbing it. So, while meditation has a long list of benefits for us, this practice (and especially the ones we are going to be practicing with our animals by our side) also affects them in a very positive way; their mood, their health and their wellbeing.

The Physical Senses Meditation is part of the Companion Animal Meditation Series bundle.

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