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"Love is something so relevant, so powerful and encompassing, yet we all have our own interpretation of what it is. Some versions are watered down, some are based on magical fairytales we hear as a child, and some are developed by watching those around us as we were growing up. No matter what the specifics, love has become a subjective term, verb and noun."— Camille Lucy


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Thoughts are key. They are the essential backbone of our very existence and what shows up for us in life (and how we perceive it).

There are many misconceptions about meditation. So many people say, "Oh, I can't meditate, I have too many thoughts. My mind just races and races. I can't find stillness." Saying you have too many thougs to meditate is like saying you're too sick to go to the Doctor. Having thoughts doesn't mean you can't meditate. It means you have a functioning brain. Congrats.

Meditation.... is the tool by which you LEARN to become present and quiet and "observe" thoughts.

Thoughts during meditation are simply stress-release.We can think of meditation like debt. When you begin, you meditate once and you have thoughts, which is your body's way of filtering stress out. You're paying the minimum payment. When you practice again, a second time the same day, lets say, 5-10 minutes, you're now chipping away at the STORED stress (debt) and finally making a dent. You may now be able to access a deeper meditation or have fewer thoughts.

Sometimes, people find that once they begin to meditate, they seem to have more thoughts, and perhaps more negative in nature. When I began meditating regularly, I thought to myself, "WTF? I am doing something to gain benefit and health, and I am worse off now with more thoughts, and they're more negative!" I was not told that this may happen. I soon discovered I was not having more thoughts or more negativity. I was simply becoming AWARE of my thought processes. I had never really paid attention before. And now, learning how to become aware through meditation, it was all becoming crystal clear to me. Soon after, the negative frenzy of thoughts passed and I was reaping the rewards of my meditation practice.

Staying present is so fundamental to our over-all wellbeing. And meditation just teaches you how to get there. Then, you can implement your new skills or state of being into daily life. A really healthy meditation practice can be 10-20 minutes a session, two times a day. It's best to meditate before caffeine or meals, so that the body isn't distracted by its other processes. But, it's totally OK to do it ANYTIME it works for you! And if you can only squeeze in 5 minutes, it's 5 minutes better than 0! There are so many different types of meditation. And some that work for others, you may not enjoy. And vice versa.

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When we are present, we get out of our heads and out of our own way. Meditation brings us back to ourselves. To quiet. To peace. To detach from our thoughts that bug us and realize we are not our thoughts. We are the observer of them. They cannot consume us without our permission.

We will always have thoughts; so take the pressure off of yourself if you are just starting out (even if you're seasoned). It's OK to have thoughts during meditation! This does not mean you're bad at meditating or that you cannot meditate. Again, it simply means your body is filtering out stress, meditation IS working, and your brain functions perfectly well ;)

The point isn’t to remove thoughts. It’s to observe them neutrally and let them pass. To learn focus and presence. To cultivate awareness. Relaxation. Sometimes, energy!

And remember - do it for you. Not to do it "right" or because you think you should be doing it. Make it about you and for you. And show up for yourself.

As with most things in life, subtle shifts in perception have the greatest power in fostering and ushering in change.

Here's to your journey!